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My Story

When I was a child I loved to get lost in stories. If I wasn’t reading, I was writing at my enormous timber desk that dominated my tiny 1960s bedroom. Books and stationery were what I loved most. My room was filled with books, pens, notebooks and other bookish paraphernalia. I dreamt of becoming a journalist. 

As I grew up, I continued to devour books and my love of stationery never left. By the time I hit my teens I’d stopped writing. I couldn’t wait to leave school and start working so my dream of becoming a journalist faded. Instead, I landed a job as an Apprentice Hand and Machine Compositor at The Adelaide Advertiser.

The publishing industry was changing at a rapid pace at that time with the advent of computer technology. What was once a male-dominated trade, with men working on loud, hot metal machinery, quickly changed to a quiet, streamlined technological workplace. I was the second female apprentice to be employed at the ‘Tiser, as it was affectionately known. My apprenticeship entailed gaining skills in the production side of the publishing industry. It’s funny how life works out. I wanted to be a journo, but didn’t want to do further study. By sheer accident I ended up working in a newspaper, alongside the journos, but within the production department.

When I completed my apprenticeship I went on to work at a variety of printers, ad agencies and design service bureaus before starting my own publishing production business in 1987. After spending many years in that business, I decided to expand my skill-set and become an editor. In 2015, I enrolled in a Bachelor and Professional Writing and Publishing at Curtin University.

It was while doing my degree that my childhood love of writing was re-awakened.

My life of study didn’t stop when I finished my degree. I went on to complete a Master of Creative Writing in 2022, and am currently undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma in Communication (digital media, visual communication design and journalism). I’m nearly finished that diploma and am seriously considering continuing on to gain a Master of Journalism. Again, it’s funny how life works out. I’m will achieve a childhood dream only at the other end of life.

Writing and editing bring me pure joy. I get in the flow when I’m researching and writing. I love to interview people and write their stories. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. The depth of people’s life experience amazes me.

I am a Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors, as well as a member of Writer’s Victoria and the Australian Society of Authors.

Keep an eye on my blog as I’ll be posting my article writing here, as well as on the Medium platform. 

I’m currently working on two books. My memoir, working title Wading Through the Mud, and a short story cycle, working title Conscious Cafe.


What I Love To Do

My current projects

  • Feature Articles and Blogs 80% 80%
  • Brand Storytelling 45% 45%
  • Interviews 76% 76%
  • Editing and Publishing 90% 90%